<aside> 🔄 Feed Your feed is like your Scratch morning cup of coffee - it's where you start your day and get energized with all the latest updates. From checking and updating progress, viewing coworker updates, and giving out some well-deserved kudos, the feed page has got you covered. So grab a virtual donut and dive in to kickstart your Scratch day!

Below are our favorite features that you should be using each day while in the **feed!

Check-in** is like your public diary on Scratch - you can spill the beans on how your day is shaping up, what tasks you're tackling, and even where you’re working that day. It's also a great way to set objectives and let your team know your current mood and motivation level.

Progress Updates is a sliding scale from 0-100%, set by you throughout the day, that helps you stay on task. Each time you updated progress, an alert will go out to your team.

Start a hot streak! Each consecutive day that you check-in or update your profile your hot streak will keep going. Complete all 5 days in a row to Earn Points.


<aside> ✋ Raise Your Hand Help when you need it — Lets you quickly and easily alert a coworker for help. You can even set priorities for each task (low, medium & high) and decide whether to ask for help in private or publicly within the workspace. Once the task is completed you will be alerted. It’s like having your very own superhero sidekick! You’ll be able to boost your productivity and teamwork like never before.

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<aside> 👏 Kudos Celebrate achievements — Don't underestimate the power of a little recognition and celebration. Take the time to acknowledge your co-workers' achievements, tasks, and even their moods. It can go a long way in inspiring and motivating them to continue doing great things. And hey, it doesn't take much effort to give a fist bump or a simple "great job" every now and then.

Workspace feed shows everyone’s status updates for the day. Simply tap the Kudos button and pick preset Kudos or feel free to write something more personal in the message box.


<aside> 🔔 Alerts Alerts keeps your Scratch workspace neatly organized where you never have to worry about missing anything important again.

<aside> 💯 Earn Points Get rewarded! Get ready to earn some serious perks! The more active you are, the more points you will earn, that can be exchanged later for exciting rewards through your organization. Picture yourself sipping a latte with a Starbucks gift card, cheering on your favorite team with tickets to a sporting event, or enjoying a well-deserved day off. Not only does this inspire a playful competition among colleagues, but it also boosts teamwork and participation.


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